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English Teacher

GCSE English AQA Examiner
De Montfort University PhD
University of Leeds MSc
Manchester International Business School teacher
Over 10 years of educational experience.
Served as a teacher of the preparatory course of Manchester International Business School. An academic English writing contest reviewer and Cambridge English tutor. Has lived in Taiwan and Mainland China and has rich experience in teaching and curriculum design.

Tutor’s skills:
Teaches students of all ages and language levels, the teaching content includes: General English, EAP Teachers, Business English, Medical English, Travel English and exam preparation English.

Teaching Style:
My teaching strategy is to challenge, encourage and support students to experiment with language. I help student’s language acquisition with scaffolding learning techniques, which empower students with increased confidence in their English ability. Moreover, I make language learning fun for students and teach them skills which will benefit them throughout their lives.

"Vincent's subject knowledge is excellent, his class style is relaxed, and my kid is looking forward to Vicent's class."
"The teacher not only taught my son a wealth of knowledge, but also taught him effective learning methods"

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