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School Application


Knowledge, experience, and professionalism to select the perfect schools for your children

  • Unlike other education companies and consultants who are limited to a selection of schools they are partnered with, LEO EDUCATION has NO restrictions or limitations on the choice of schools.

  • Our professional education consultants specialise in UK school applications and assist parents in selecting schools across the entire country based on their needs.

  • EVERY application is overseen by our founder and CEO, Leo, and our Academic Director, Matthew, to ensure that parents and their children receive the best professional service.


100% of students gain admission to a UK private school and

75% entered one of the Top 80 Private Schools in the UK

Here are some of the schools that we have helped students to obtain a place at:

LEO EDUCATION has successfully helped all students gain admission to UK schools and demonstrates a success rate of 95% of applicants gaining a place at their desired schools, among which 75% of them entered the top 80 prestigious private schools in the UK. LEO EDUCATION has gained an excellent reputation and is highly recommended by all parents.


5 Steps to Apply for Private Schools and Boarding Schools with Leo Education


Baseline Assessment

The first step is to determine your child's academic level through a baseline assessment. Our assessment system is equivalent to the in-school system used by private schools in the UK. We will then compare the result of your child to those of students of the same age in the UK.



Once you receive the baseline assessment results, you will have a one-on-one consultation with our Academic Director, Matthew or C.E.O, Leo. Matthew and Leo will understand your educational philosophy, location preferences, and other aspects of your child's interests and extracurricular activities. If you have any specific requirements, you can also discuss them during the meeting. Matthew and Leo will also provide recommendations for how to improve based on your child's academic performance in the baseline assessment.



After considering all factors, Matthew and Leo will choose a school for your child. If necessary, we will communicate with the school in advance, and then we will provide a proposal to the parents.



After reading the proposal, parents will make a decision. If needed, we can arrange another consultation meeting.



Once parents and children have made a decision, we will take care of the rest for you. We will regularly update you on the application progress via WhatsApp or email. If necessary, we can also arrange interview training and entrance exam coaching.

Leo Chan, Founder & CEO
  • Graduated from the University of Hong Kong (BSc)

  • UK teaching qualification certificate (PGCE)

  • Master's degree in Mathematics Education at the University of Cambridge (MSc)

  • Has nearly 10 years of teaching experience in the UK

  • Has served as a PGCE mentor and sixth form class teacher at a famous private school in London

  • Selected as the first Chinese teacher to participate in the filming of a promotional video for the UK Department of Education in 2017, which was aired on various British TV channels

Matthew Holland, Academic Director
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and Italian Literature from the University of Warwick (BA)

  • UK teaching qualification certificate (PGCE)

  • Master's degree in Education with Professional Studies and Academic Leadership (MEd)

  • Has over 10 years of teaching experience in the UK and has served as the Head of English at two top independent schools as well as being part of the senior leadership team

  • Has worked as an examiner and marker for GCSE and IGCSE English Literature and Language and 9+, 11+, and 13+ examination boards


FREE Face-to-Face consultation with Leo at our Hong Kong office!

FREE Face-to-Face consultation with Leo at our newly opened Hong Kong Office is now available!

First 3 months Only.

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