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About US

Founded in London in 2017, LEO EDUCATION insists on having a 100% native-speaking UK-based team with professional education consultants and highly experienced and able teachers to provide a full educational service ranging from UK study consultation and school selection to tuition and summer school.


We offer an unparalleled professional coaching level in developing long-term education plans for students who intend to study in the UK. Our services include preparing students for top school applications, assisting students with admission preparation, tuition courses and interviews for studying in top private schools, and preparing for and planning applications to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge as well as other prestigious UK institutions.



Anna Photo.png
  • Graduated from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge

  • 8 yrs. of teaching experience in the UK, specialising in UK Early Years Education Planning

  • Co-founded LEO EDUCATION in 2017 with a passion for education

  • Assisted hundreds of students in gaining admission to prestigious UK schools

Leo Photo.png
  • Graduated from HKU (BSc)

  • Master's degree in Mathematics Education at the University of Cambridge (MSc)

  • 10 yrs. of teaching experience (PGCE) in the UK

  • PGCE mentor and sixth form class teacher at a top private school in London

  • Selected as the first Chinese teacher to participate in the UK Department of Education promotional video filming

Matthew photo.png
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English & Italian Literature from the University of Warwick (BA)

  • Master's degree in Education with Professional Studies and Academic Leadership (MEd)

  • 10+ yrs. of teaching experience (PGCE) in the UK

  • Head of English at top independent schools 

  • Examiner and marker for GCSE and IGCSE English Literature and Language and 9+, 11+, 13+ examination boards

Shirley photo.png
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong 

  • Selected for student exchange programmes at the University of Yale and the University of British Columbia

  • Master's degree in Business Administration 

  • 20+ yrs. of work experience at Fortune 500 Top 100 international companies 

  • Marketing Director for 10+ yrs. in the Asia-Pacific region


  • Distinguished academic background: Holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Biological Sciences and a Master of Arts from the University of Oxford
  • 20+ years of UK teaching experience: With a PGCE, excels in imparting knowledge and fostering student growth
  • Exceptional leadership roles: Served as Deputy Head, Head of Boarding, and Head of Science at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, UK's top girls' independent school, each for 7 years, showcasing outstanding leadership
  • Proven track record in university applications: Guides students to success in medical school and Oxbridge admissions through expert personal statement crafting and application strategy
  • Extensive network and resources: Possesses abundant connections within the UK education community, offering valuable support for students' academic journeys
Lisa Low Title (ENG).png
Lisa Low photo.png
  • 30 years of teaching experience in the UK, Switzerland, China, and Hong Kong SAR
  • Has held significant leadership roles as Head Teacher and Senior Leader at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong in China, and as a Head of Lower School and Special Educational Needs Coordinator at Notting Hill Preparatory School
  • MSc Psychology, MEd Content & Integrated Learning
  • BA Sociology, PGCE, PGDE-SpLD (Dyslexia),
  • Certified Psychometric Assessor (BPS) and Neurodevelopmental Screener (HANDLE)
  • Member of PATOSS and Graduate Membership British Psychology Society (BPS)
  • Specific Learning Disorders (Dyslexia)
  • Neurodiversity and Inclusion (including ASD, ADHD)
  • Team Around the Child Approach and Family Services
  • Emotionally Based School Absence
  • Emotion Coaching (including Emotional Regulation)
  • Bilingual/Multilingual Education


LEO EDUCATION is committed to being the professional navigator for parents seeking to arrange their children's education in the United Kingdom. By providing expert knowledge and comprehensive support, we strive to empower parents to make informed decisions and achieve success in the school selection and application process. We are dedicated to delivering the best educational consulting services to the parents, creating opportunities and fostering growth in their children's British study experience.


LEO EDUCATION is dedicated to uncovering the unique individual strengths and potentials of each student, and designing personalised education blueprints and strategies to wholeheartedly support them in achieving their academic aspirations.


L for Leading

E for Encouraging

O for Obtaining

Leading students towards their targets by providing them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to obtain them.

Encouraging and supporting them with their targets and aims. Providing a support network where any academic query can be solved.

Obtaining their goals, whether that be examination results, choices of schools or selection of universities.

  • How do you choose which age group for your child?
    In England, we decide age groups based on how old a student is on 1st September of that year. For example, if their birthday is 20/08/2015, on 01/09/2022 they will be 7 years old and should take an age 7-9 course. However, if their birthday is 20/09/2015, on 01/09/2022 they will be 6 years old and should take an age 5-7 course.
  • Which age group courses are for which exams?
    Age 5-7 : 7+ exams Age 7-9: 9+ exams Age 9-11: 11+ exams Age 11-14: 13+ exams Age 14-16: GCSE/IGCSE
  • Are our GCSE-level courses relevant to all exam boards?
    Yes, all of our courses are universal and focus on the key skills needed for GCSE. However, all our tutors are highly experienced educators and teachers and will tailor the courses towards the needs of their students, making clear the similarities and differences between relevant examination boards.
  • Are our GCSE-level courses relevant to GCSE and IGCSE?
    Yes, they are. All of our courses are universal and focus on the key skills needed for GCSE and IGCSE. Our tutors will teach the general skills required for all the different examination boards whilst still tailoring the course to fit the needs of their students.
  • My child is in year 9, however, he/she has started a GCSE course in school, can I take the Age 14-16 GCSE course?
    Your child can take a 14-16 age course whenever they feel ready to do so. Our teachers will take into account their age, examination board and examination texts, if relevant.
  • Are age 9-11 courses suitable for different types of 11+ exams?
    Yes, our 9-11 courses are suitable for all types of 11+, including but not limited to 11+, ISEB pre-test, ISEB 11+ and UKiset.
  • Which course should I choose to prepare for UKiset?
    You should choose your course based on your age group.
  • Is there any mock test to evaluate my child in order to book the suitable level?
    We put the students into different groups based on their age, just like a school.
  • What is the difference between Phase 1, 2, 3 of our courses? If my child hasn’t studied Phase 1, can I sign up for Phase 2?
    The different phases of our courses cover different content but they are not progressive. In short, a student can attend Phase 2 before Phase 1.
  • How many students are there in a class?
    There are only 3 students in each class in the majority of our courses to ensure there is enough interaction between each student and the teacher. The exceptions are Shakespeare reading and Debate courses, which are holiday courses. They have 6 students in each class.
  • What if I am not available to attend some of the group lessons?
    We will provide a lesson recording for the pupil to watch. The lesson recording will be deleted automatically after 6 weeks for safeguarding and GDPR reasons. (Please note that Ms. Lorinda does not provide lesson recordings, but will provide lesson notes and homework).
  • Do we offer trial lessons?
    We do not offer trial lessons. All of our tutors are highly-trained, highly-experienced, receive regular training and are rigorously observed and assessed by us: we are confident that the services we provide will exceed your expectations. We can offer partial refunds if the clients would like to drop the course. For further details, please refer to our terms and conditions.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Please refer to our terms and conditions.
  • Is there any homework after each lesson?
    Yes, there will be homework after each lesson. For example, in creative writing courses, the students will have written homework. The teachers will mark it and give feedback afterwards. In other courses, the teachers will either mark it or provide a marking scheme (answers) for the students to check. Feedback is not limited to written feedback, the teachers will give verbal feedback in the lesson also.
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