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English Teacher

Education background highlights: KCL English PGCE
Oxford university master's degree, first class honours

Brief self-introduction: UK licenced teacher. 30+ teaching experience, was head of subject at a top private school, also was a university professor
Abundant GCSE and A Level tutoring experience.

Tutor's skills: Likes to find out what the student wants through lessons and through humorous ways to show the students how to use test experiences to learn and improve.

Teaching style: My teaching style is friendly and relaxed, although I expect students to work hard and participate fully in lessons, as this is the best way to improve! In my own experience of learning foreign languages (Japanese, Spanish, French), and of teaching both English students and students from overseas, I know the best way to improve is to tackle the things you are weak at, and for many students that is writing. It is in writing that students show their grammatical weaknesses and their inability to analyse in depth. For this reason, I encourage writing in many of my lessons, so I can monitor how students write and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. I also encourage debate and discussion of complex ideas, as to gain entry to most good schools, students will need to be able to talk fluently, about both their own lives and things in the news or of general interest, such as the environment.

Teaching style:
I believe that the best lessons are responsive to the needs and interests of the students and propelled by curiosity and enthusiasm. I am passionate about my subject and meeting students where they are. Though I expect students to be hard working and attentive, I seek to create an encouraging environment where students can grow their skills and confidence through a relaxed and discursive approach. In my class, students evaluate their own work, and that of their peers, to identify their areas for improvement and collaborate with me to achieve their exam targets.

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