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Science & English Teacher

Oxford university/ master’s degree/ PGCE.

Was an assistant head teacher at top private girls’ school, St Catherines Bramley
Responsible for Biology, GCSE and IGCSE level science and A level Biology lessons. 14 years of teaching experience.

Independently teaching 11+ and 13+ test for English and mathematics. Provides university application and interview skills and techniques training. Especially helps when applying for medical college and Oxbridge application.

Teaching Style:
My absolute favourite part of teaching is that defining moment when a student’s face lights up because a point has suddenly become crystal clear to them!
This eureka feeling underpins the way I like to run lessons. I believe that young people learn best when they are enjoying the material and I encourage collaboration and a sense of fun in lessons. Everyone in a group lesson learns from the input of everyone else and makes progress from their own starting point.

"She always explained in a different way (both actively and intuitively) to re-enable kid to enjoy the learning process of biology."
"Teaching is patient and helps my daughter understand the complexity of the subject"

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