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English Teacher

For nearly 20 years of primary school professional teaching and tutoring experiences. At the same time, responsible for research and development of new lesson plans.
Apart from teaching lower years students English, provide 7+, 11+ interview tutoring.
Tutor’s skill:
Helps students to build their own studying pace, nurture interest and meet their learning targets.

Teaching Style:
My teaching style is friendly and positive but with a clear emphasis on accuracy. In my writing classes, for example, I deliver fun lessons that cover essential elements of grammar and literary techniques through a variety of descriptive and narrative tasks. I teach students how to build increasingly complex sentence structures, and start each lesson by reviewing common mistakes, asking students to spot and correct them. I encourage all my students to participate fully in lessons and to complete appropriate homework tasks where they can apply what they have learnt and get feedback on their progress.

"Bridget knows how to deal with my 7yd daughter very well, making her enjoy learning and having fun in class"
"Always try to find the right way to make the classroom fun and diverse."

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