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Maths Teacher

A PhD in Mathematics with years of experience in teaching and tutoring, as well as experience of working in industry as a data scientist. I also worked as a postdoctoral research scientist in renowned American university like University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and renowned French institutions/grandes écoles like Ecole Polytechnique and INRIA. Prior to my doctorate, I did my Masters degree in Mathematics from the prestigious Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India.

Currently as an assistant professor of mathematics, I teach regularly university level courses, e.g. analysis, linear algebra, probability, differential equations, logic etc.

During 5 years of my PhD at Rutgers University, USA, I instructed, designed exams, homework and quizzes for, and graded several courses in mathematics. These courses were mostly undergraduate, and the precalculus courses had a lot in common with the 10+2 level IB Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics courses. For example, I taught, differential and integral calculus, complex numbers, geometry in 2D and 3D, probability and statistics, vector analysis, combinations and permutations among many other topics.

I have also been tutoring privately to students of all ages and taught more elementary as well as advanced topics for about 2 years in addition. Among many others, I've also tutored for IB Mathematics courses (e.g. Analysis and Approaches HL), ACT and GRE Math preparation, Masters in Data Science/Statistics and also French middle school ('collège') students. I received excellent recommendations and five star ratings from clients/students and can produce them.

I'm also a TESOL certified English instructor and privately tutored English, mostly to French students, focussing on mainly their spoken English, but at times writing skills as well.

I use a graphic tablet, digital pen, screen sharing and recording options so that I make online teaching experience an in-person experience, and due to recording of the call (only if the student wishes to), (s)he can always revisit the lectures or lesson after it's over.

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