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Maths Teacher

Education background highlights: BSc Maths and Psychology degree, Maths PGCE, Teaching Advanced Maths qualification (Warwick University)

Brief self-introduction: Qualified teacher in the UK for 13 years. I have held many roles including Head of Maths at a large state school, and most recently been lead practitioner (advanced skills teacher) in Maths. I started tutoring 9 years ago and have been gradually reducing my time in the classroom to increase my tutoring hours. I also work as an education consultant taking on various contracts both for educational companies and schools.

Tutor's skills: My key skill is my ability to build confidence in students that lack resilience or the willingness to attempt challenging questions. I am able to quickly build a friendly rapport with students that allow students to trust me enough to make mistakes and attempt work they are unsure of. This helps to build resilience and confidence particularly in problem solving questions. I am able to quickly build on previous knowledge, and develop a deep understanding, to get students to link concepts and complete challenging questions.

Teaching style: My teaching style is completely student led. I will not move on until students show me they are ready for the next challenge but I will ensure they are always stretched within each session. I am friendly and relaxed, although I have high expectations of my students. I am patient and allow students plenty of time to think and work through a problem without interruption, while ensuring they know they can ask for help or a hint at any time. The key issue in Maths is the application of key skills onto hard problems or exam style questions so I will always link every skill covered to a problem in context or that requires skills from across the curriculum to ensure the students can transfer their skills.

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