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English & Maths

· Education background highlights: BA Combined Honours English and French, Primary PGCE with a specialism in MFL

· Brief self-introduction: UK licenced teacher. 10+ teaching experience, year 6 teacher for many years, vast experience with SEN and 8+ tutoring experience.

· Tutor's skills: One of my key skills is being able to adapt my teaching to best fit a pupil’s academic level and learning style. We are all unique and so are our learning needs. I use enthusiasm, encouragement, and positive feedback to help students build their confidence and resilience.

· Teaching style: My teaching style is friendly and supportive. In order to increase a pupil’s engagement with their learning, I like to tailor tasks to their interests whenever possible and make sure to build positive relationships with them. I have always found that pupils learn best when they have the confidence to try – even if they then fail. I work with pupils to identify gaps in their knowledge; scaffold new learning from supported to independent, and use mistakes as learning opportunities. My sessions are fun but with clear expectations. I love reading a variety of texts with pupils as this often opens up discussions into a range of subjects and we can learn more about the wider world.

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