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English & History Teacher

Educational background highlights: BA History at Oxford University

Brief self-introduction: 5+ years tutoring experience at GCSE, IB and A Level both online and in-person, including summer courses in London, Oxford and Stockholm.

Tutor's skills: Tailoring personalised tutoring lessons based on the students' learning styles, and giving direct, detailed and specific feedback.

Teaching style: I enjoy establishing a good rapport with my students, as I believe students must feel relaxed and in a safe space to ask questions in order to benefit the most out of their lessons. I also believe that from time to time it is useful to learn 'outside-the-box' through less traditional teaching methods, to keep students engaged and make learning fun! My experiences of studying History and Drama, and teaching those subjects (alongside English), have given me an appreciation of creative storytelling and love of language. The ability to write cogently and structure an argument is crucial to any humanities-based subject. As such, I find critical analysis of sources—the ability to interpret and evaluate information, no matter its origin—a vital skill to encourage in my students. Another useful skill that allows students to be more well-rounded is the ability to present their ideas effectively through public speaking and debate, which I will always try to encourage during my lessons.

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