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Daniel S

Daniel S

Latin & Greek Teacher

I have just completed a Ph.D. in Classics at the University of California, Berkeley, and served as a Classics Lecturer there for five years; I also have a Masters degree in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature from Oxford University, from where I received my B.A. in Classics. To date I have publications in two peer-reviewed journals pertaining to classical studies.

My main strength is in the linguistic side of Classics, so I am well equipped to provide tuition in Greek and Latin languages at all levels. I also specialise in the more technical disciplines of classical studies, such as papyrology, palaeography, and textual criticism, all of which complement the study of ancient languages especially well. Alongside the languages, I am experienced at teaching various aspects of classical literature, history, and culture.

Areas in Classics I have taught previously include: Greek at all levels; Latin at all levels (including preparation for Common Entrance and scholarship exams); Greek prose composition at university level; Latin prose composition at all levels; translation and commentary for various prose and verse authors. I am familiar with the 'Cambridge Latin Course', 'Greek/Latin to GCSE' textbook series, and the current GCSE and A-level set texts.

Aside from private tuition, I taught elementary and intermediate Latin for a short time at Marymount International School (a private all-girls school in London), which involved working with students on a one-to-one basis and in large classes. I was, moreover, employed as a Classics Lecturer at Berkeley, where I taught seminars on classical languages and literature.

Recent success stories include: a GCSE student who was able to achieve a high A grade after getting a D in his mock exams; an international undergraduate student whose quality of work went from an F grade to an A grade; a student at secondary-school who went into the top set of Latin after scoring close to 100% in his end-of-year exams, and has recently won a Latin scholarship at his school (King's College School); and a Classics undergraduate who was offered a place on a Masters course at Oxford.

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