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Daniel E

Daniel E

English & French Teacher

Education Highlights: 5 A-Levels (3A*s, 2As); BA English University of Cambridge; MSc London School of Economics (LSE) - Distinction

Brief Self-Introduction: An experienced tutor of more than six years. I teach English and French, as well as Politics and the wider humanities. I specialise in working with GCSE and A-Level students, as well as Oxbridge entry, and have plenty of experience of working with students through their 11+ and 13+ tests.

Tutor skills: I work creatively and with humour to help develop a love for the subject. Particular experience of working with students who struggle within a classroom setting.

Teaching style: My approach is grounded in intellectual playfulness and academic rigour. I am a friendly tutor who sets high standards for my pupils. Having studied the Practical Criticism system at Cambridge, my approach to English is about engaging a personal response driven by a technical understanding of how writers achieve literary effects. With a background in performance and the arts, I seek to bring creativity into my lessons, and am always happy to employ new and fun ways of approaching a subject. I am a bilingual speaker of English and French, and have a particular passion for politics and sociology (as well as holding a degree in the last two subjects) - I'm therefore always looking to bring an understanding of global perspectives and differing viewpoints into my lessons.

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