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Physics & Maths Teacher

Education background highlights: KCL Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology BSc, First Class with Honours; Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama MA degree - Acting for Stage, Screen & Radio.

Brief self-introduction: A well rounded, friendly physics graduate, with a love for the creative arts. Focused and practical tutoring approach, helping to build confidence. 1+ years of tutoring experience helping students reach their full potential, raising their grades in the process.

Tutor's skills: Able to create warm and trusting student-teacher bonds by always demonstrating empathy and patience towards a student’s learning, helping them work in a safe and productive environment, ultimately causing them to shine!

Teaching style: My teaching style is welcoming, open, and adaptable. I have many ideas for where to start with a student’s learning, however, it is extremely important to me to cater lessons to specific students, as we’re all different! I care deeply about keeping an open and honest communication between myself and students which means that we’re constantly able to target the specific areas that students are less confident in. I’m always asking the student questions, making sure they feel heard and that our work is completely tailored to their needs. As a Physics graduate, having taught many Physics and Maths lessons, I would say that in this field I try to put our work within problem contexts as soon as possible (because with these topics, you’re always assessed with problems in the end!). However, I absolutely value the importance of having a true, fundamental understanding of concepts, so if this means taking time to talk through ideas whilst taking notes before going back into problems, then that is what we’ll do! In this way, I’m always keen to ground these subjects back to real life. I’m aware they can sometimes have a reputation for being subjects that are hard to connect with, however, Maths is the language of the universe whilst Physics governs the way everything works, and there is beauty in that!

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