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English & Maths Teacher

Education background highlights: BA in English from Cambridge University. Trained as an actor at LAMDA. I’m also a playwright, and have trained on initiatives with the Royal Court Theatre in London and Sky Studios.

Brief self-introduction: Private tutor for over 6 years, including home-schooling students who have left normal schooling as well as experience working at a top London independent school. Very experienced in tutoring GCSE and 11+.

Tutor skills: I create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where students can build on their skills and confidence through a range of discussion and written activities. I like using two-way interactive software programmes, such as google docs and online whiteboards, to allow me to monitor the student’s work and contribute where necessary.

Teaching style: I like to keep lessons fun and relaxed, working on improving the student’s confidence, as I find this is when the best learning happens. With English reading and comprehension, I work on introducing students to a wide range of texts, building their fluency with technical terms and practicing their independent analysis skills through writing tasks and discussion. With English literature, I encourage the idea that there are no wrong answers, as long as you are confident in your opinion and willing to back it up with evidence and argument! I think it’s so important to encourage independent thinking, as well as enjoyment of the subject, as this is what will set students apart from their peers. With students who are particularly passionate about their subject, I also work to find super-curricular ways for them to further their interests outside of the classroom.

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