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Maths Teacher

Education background highlights: University of Durham Natural Sciences BSc with Mathematics and Philosophy (hons).
A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A-Level (2018)

Brief self introduction: Multidisciplinary background across both analytical and communicative subjects. I specialised in highly abstract, pure mathematics and have a rounded education in both applied and pure mathematics.

Teaching skills: Like to establish a collaborative approach to the work quickly, so as to best assess the child’s needs from tutoring in a holistic, grounded way.

Teaching style: Person-centred: i.e.: I believe that to learn we must look at the bigger picture. I like to create a working agreement with the student at the start of my work. A key part of that agreement is an expectation of deep engagement with the work, so we can make the most of our time in the learning environment, and all else is tailored to each child’s needs. In the learning environment I will aim to make the tools required very clear to the student so that wherever possible, I can let the child find the answer to a problem mostly by themselves. It is the grappling to find the answer where real understanding can be born, especially when it comes to problem solving. By focussing on key areas of weakness in approach, we can hopefully improve results together from the ground up.

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