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Maths, Physics & Chemistry

Education background highlights: BA and MMath in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, UK. PhD in pure mathematics from the University of Stuttgart, Germany - in progress).

Brief self-introduction: Broad and deep education in pure mathematics and in theoretical physics. 3 years of experience teaching undergraduate-level university mathematics. Fluent in English, French, German, Russian, and (contemporary) Greek. Able to tutor up to A-level in (further) maths, physics, and chemistry. Also able to prepare for Oxbridge entrance exams, in particular for the STEP papers.

Tutor's skills: I have a deep understanding of the subjects I teach, and I like to share this with my students. I am able to make a friendly atmosphere for students, so that they can calmly follow their intellectual curiosity.

Teaching style: Most important to me is to adapt the way I teach to the student's specific needs. I do not try to make anyone fit a model. The only expectation I would systematically place on my students is to engage with the material as much as they can, since that is the best way to progress. In mathematics and in related subjects, a very common problem is that people try to learn the methods they are taught by heart, instead of thinking about the underlying conceptual meaning of what they are doing. Having this solid theoretical understanding of the subject tends to enable students to achieve many practical goals like performance in exams or in technical interviews.

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