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History & English Teacher

I have been teaching for 10 years of which 5 years were spent teaching the British Curriculum abroad and in the UK. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught ages from upper primary to university. In the UK I was a history teacher for years 7-12 and a scout leader. Being a person who in the past struggled with education I know how vital it is to have a supporting teacher, and I want all my students to have the same positive experiences.

I create a safe and calm learning environment for pupils of all ages and I want all of my pupils to feel confident and safe at all times. I also believe it is vital for young people to develop in all areas and blossom into bright and exceptional people. Many curriculums including the British curriculum are designed so students gain vital knowledge for their future and importantly this will open many doors for them. Excelling across all subjects is important, but it is also vital that the students enjoy their learning experience as this cements it into their minds.

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