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Economics, Maths & Science Teacher

Education background highlights: 1st Class BSc Politics & Economics from LSE. A*A*A at A-Level (Maths, Economics & History), and 12 A*s at GCSE Level (including Further Maths).

Brief self-introduction: Extensive GCSE and A-Level tutoring experience in a range of subjects including Maths, Economics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology. TEFL certificate. Wide range of work experience across Strategy Consulting, Government, and Journalism sectors.

Tutor’s skills: Has a knack for using creative explanations to help students break down complicated concepts that they have been struggling with.

Teaching style: My teaching style is friendly and flexible. The subjects that I teach are all about problem solving, so my focus is on helping students develop tools to crack these problems themselves. I focus on areas that students struggle with as those are usually the points of worry and frustration for them. I have been told by students and parents in the past that I have a unique ability to explain concepts in a novel way that has helped students understand topics that they have always struggled with. I also recognise the importance of cementing your learning by doing plenty of practice questions and mock papers so that students are primed to ace their exams.

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