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Science, Maths & Spanish Teacher

Science Degree from Durham University

Bilingual science, maths and Spanish tutor with previous tutoring experience with pupils studying for the 11 plus exams

Tutor's skills: Likes to establish a sense of what the student needs to work on during initial sessions and strengthen these areas, whilst also solidifying the strong areas of the student’s knowledge.

Teaching style: I’ve got a teaching style that is both friendly, and stimulating. I aim to get students interested and engaged in the work they are doing. Coming from Spain to England a couple of years before starting secondary school I know how hard it can be to tackle subjects in a language you are not so familiar with. I encourage students to think about the subjects being taught outside of our lessons, and like to facilitate self-led work within lessons so that they can continue such work after our lesson is finished. Especially with teaching Spanish I would endeavour to speak to the student in Spanish as much as possible, as it is not only be a way to get them use to a native speaker, I also believe it is a great way to further a students level of understanding of a foreign language.

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