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English Teacher

Cambridge University Education and English Bachelor’s degree

Management Master’s degree.

Tutor’s skills:
Helps students break the frustration of writing in interesting ways and focuses on improving their understanding. During the tutoring process, focuses on the cultivation of learning methods, inspires students' love of learning and ensure that each lesson is full of fun, creativity and knowledge.

Teaching Style:
I take a student-centred approach in all my teaching, tailoring every lesson to a student's specific needs and strengths. Having studied education, I am conscious of various learning strategies and how best to scaffold a student's learning. I believe it is so important to inspire a love for learning, making sure every lesson is fun and creative as well as knowledgeable. I had some wonderful teachers growing up, and it is my ambition to similarly develop confidence, passion and success in each of my students.

“Zak is very professional and I'm glad I made the right choice"
"A very serious teacher, children love he"

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