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English Teacher

University of Cambridge BA Hons. First Class

University College, London
Present MA Intellectual History and Political Thought

Graduated with a first-class degree from the University of Cambridge, providing 7+ to GCSE English tutoring for KS1 and KS3 students.
Spelling, grammar, speaking, listening, comprehension and exam skills development.
Good at encouraging students to achieve their best by finding the fun and fulfilment that exists in every subject, and by giving them the confidence to connect with their studies in a meaningful and productive way.

Teaching Style:
I believe that the most successful students are almost always the most enthusiastic ones, and the same goes for their teachers. Always at the centre of my lessons is a love of reading and writing, as well as a strong conviction in the importance of academic rigour. My approach is soft and discursive, encouraging students to share their efforts with their peers and to appraise each other’s work at every opportunity, so that all students can meet the highest possible standards in their exams and their personal goals.

"Professionalism and high standards, as well as friendliness and genuine enthusiasm."
"Dedicated and approachable, with great experience working with children."

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