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English Teacher

Jessica have over 16 years of Year 1 and Year 2 teaching experience in British primary schools and have been a headteacher for many years.

Jessica is a holder of British teacher qualification certificate, and Jessica is good at teaching young pupils in KSG 1 stage.

Teaching Style:
I have a passion to ensure children love learning as I feel that if young children are having fun they will engage in their learning more. All my games and activities through my online lessons always have a learning purpose. I like to ensure children have mastered skills when I teach, ensuring I go at a speed that suits all.

"I highly recommend Jessica! The details of study are very thoughtful, and I will recommend her to others without hesitation."
"My son was just 6 years old and he was able to finish Jessica's 60-minute class, it's obvious how much he loves her class."

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