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English Teacher

Education background highlights: BA English from Trinity College, Cambridge; MA English, Trinity College Cambridge; post-graduate qualification from Oxford School of Drama

Brief self-introduction: Professional English, History and Humanities Tutor with classroom teaching experience. Particularly specialised in 11+, GCSE and A-Level English. Also works as a writer and actor.

Tutor's skills: I am a patient, engaging and adaptive tutor who likes to combine a key focus on exam skills and text analysis with students' interests. I believe that engaging students' interests is key to fostering confidence and unlocking their academic potential.

Teaching style: I am a patient and engaging tutor who likes to create a supportive and collaborative classroom atmosphere. I believe these conditions allow students to push themselves and make progress in a sustainable and fulfilling way. Nonetheless, I expect students to work hard both in lessons and outside of them. I set regular homework tasks in order to consolidate students' progress, expand their vocabularies and improve their writing. As a writer, I firmly believe in the power of creative writing as a tool to boost students' academic skills and confidence, especially as many students can find this area intimidating or challenging. Inspired by my own education at Cambridge, I encourage discussion in my lessons. This is a great way for students to challenge ideas and formulate their own theories. It also gives them an opportunity to further hone their ability to express themselves in English.

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