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Maths & Physics Teacher

University of Oxford MPhys (First Class)

15 years of British Mathematical Olympiad tutoring experience; students have excellent Mathematical Olympiad scores.
Covering from 7+ to A LEVEL mathematics course tutoring, he has extensive experience and a successful track record in preparing students for STEP (Cambridge) or MAT (Oxford) mathematics exams.
Good at teaching students how to use rigorous mathematical thinking to Solve challenging maths problems.
Mathematical Olympiad tutoring focuses on deconstructing the details of the questions, Corresponding to the blanks of students' knowledge points, so as to carry out Effective and efficient compensation and improvement.
Oxford entry, including the Physics Aptitude Test.

Teaching Style:
My tutoring style is to build the student’s work to a solution where possible rather than just offer my ideas without understanding their viewpoint. This is the best way to achieve results for Oxbridge entrance exams and Maths Olympiads.

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