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English Teacher

More than 20 years of teaching experience, .
Have a passion for learning and alongside the love of the English language, Alison is also a keen student of history.
She enjoys working with young people and helping them to succeed. She is passionate about education and have passed that love on to her own two children, both of whom attended university and are now teachers themselves.
She builds good relationships with her students by listening to them and getting to know them. She believes that children learn best when they feel safe and supported.
She is a very patient tutor and treat all my students with respect, empathy and understanding. I have a positive, enthusiastic approach to lessons and am adaptable; She believes it is important to respond to the needs of the student and be able to change lesson plans accordingly.
She has an excellent sense of humour and use this to engage her students.
In her free time she enjoys cycling and hiking in the countryside.

"I'm glad to hear that the child said that she likes English, which is more important than her test scores. The improvement of her English has given her a strong self-confidence in learning."

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