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Summer GCSE Comprehension 5 - Graham

Thursday . Phase 2. 1-to-3.

  • Starts 25 Apr
  • 580 British pounds


Service Description

Phase 2: It is a 1-to-3 course. The main focus of the course is building comprehension skills in various forms and learning how to answer a variety of different questions. It will focus primarily on reading and understanding a variety of literature, selecting ideas and information from the text and presenting it in a variety of forms. At GCSE-level the students are working on all the different skills the students will need to obtain an excellent mark at English Language GCSE. The course includes areas designed to build a student’s confidence, ways to improve their comprehension skills in all areas and lots of hints and tips for how to boost their mark in an exam situation. We also factor in past papers from a variety of well-known independent schools to prepare the students for the range of exams that they may take. 1 Introduction to GCSE English Breakdown of the two areas of Language and Literature 2 Terminology for Language Analysis 3 Terminology for Structure Analysis 4 Analysing Language Now they know and understand the range of language features for GCSE. The next stage is to pick them out in a text and look at the effect. 5 Analysing Language 2 Now that the students have worked through a prose exercise, here is the opportunity to look at a poem or play, ideally based on what they are studying at GCSE 6 Analysing Structure Now they know and understand the range of structural features for GCSE. The next stage is to pick them out in a text and look at the effect. 7 Basic PEA Structure This lesson is focused on teaching the students the basic Point, Evidence, Analysis (Explanation at a basic level) structure. 8 Advance PEA Structure Aspects to focus on: analysis vs explanation, analysis of individual words, analysis of phrases, analysis of figurative language, audience response, personal response. Model a GCSE PEA paragraph to the students - maybe even write it in front of them or together with them, depending on the level of the class. 9 Examination and timed conditions Talk the students through an exam question of your/their choice and do it under exam conditions before marking it with them. This could be a language or structure analysis question. The key things to focus here are speed and accuracy. 10 Summary Skills Summarising - a skill you will need for English Language papers.

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