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Summer 9+ Comprehension 4 - Vincent

Tuesday . Phase 2. 1-to-3.

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Service Description

Phase 2: It is a 1-to-3 course. The main focus of each course is building comprehension skills, building understanding of English literature in various forms and learning how to answer a variety of different questions. It will focus primarily on reading and understanding a variety of literature, selecting ideas and information from the text and presenting it in a variety of forms. The course includes areas designed to build a student’s confidence, ways to improve their comprehension skills in all areas and lots of hints and tips for how to boost their mark in an exam situation. We also factor in past papers from a variety of well-known independent schools to prepare the students for the range of exams that they may take. 1 Student to complete City of London Section A in advance Discuss how to complete the different kinds of multiple choice questions: parts of speech, meanings of words, effects of language, etc. Homework: City of London Section B 2 Recreative Writing HW: Emanuel School Questions 1-5 3. Figurative Language Discuss figurative language features, give definitions and examples and discuss how to recognize them. HW: Emanuel School Questions 6-8 4. Punctuation Discuss punctuation with the student. Make sure they can recognize and use basic English punctuation. HW: Leicester Grammar School Questions 1-5 5. Writing in your own Words Understand the difference between writing in their own words and selecting evidence from the text. HW: King’s College Paper Questions 1-5 6. Explaining Meanings of Words Understand the processes for understanding and explaining meanings of words: own knowledge but checking right context, working it out from the rest of the sentence, making a logical guess, etc. HW: King’s College Paper Questions 6-8 7. Longer and more detailed answers Discuss when questions are worth more marks how much to write for these, whether to include evidence, write in own words, how many points to make, etc. HW: Solihull 9+ (2) 8. Explanation Focus on explanation questions and the different types of questions that could be asked. HW: Leicester Grammar School Questions 6-8 9. Selecting quotations Focus on selecting evidence from the text and the importance of selecting shorter quotations. 10 Short and quick questions Discuss timings and questions, how much time they have to do each one and the importance of completing the whole paper. HW: Revision

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