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Summer 11+ Verbal reasoning 1 - Zak

Thursday . Phase 1. 1-to-3

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Service Description

11+ VR: Phase 1 It is a 1-to-3 course. Overview: This 2-phase course is designed to cover ALL of the ESSENTIAL TOPICS for 11+ VERBAL REASONING. The course is designed to focus on a particular topic or set of topics each week, methodically and thoroughly covering a broad spectrum of Verbal Reasoning question-types. The course is aimed at students who are NEW to VR but could also be taken by candidates wishing to REVISE or SUPPLEMENT the subject. The aim of the course is to give students a grounding in the ESSENTIAL TOPICS for Verbal Reasoning but also to BOOST THEIR CONFIDENCE in the subject, providing them with a firm foundation to continue practicing on their own with a view to sitting 11+ Entrance Examination papers in the future. The students will receive weekly REVISION RESOURCES after each lesson and complete a set of HOMEWORK QUESTIONS (via Atom Learning) after each lesson to boost each topic! Phase 1 1 Synonyms & Antonyms Vocabulary 1: The first of 3 lessons establishing CORE VOCABULARY CONTENT regarding DEFINITIONS & the MEANINGS OF WORDS. 2 Homophones, Homonyms, Homographs Vocabulary 2: Following Synonyms & Antonyms, this topic looks deeper at words with multiple meanings and similar sounds. 3 Rules for Plural Nouns Vocabulary 3: The final of 3 lessons establishing CORE VOCABULARY CONTENT. This is another area where students make common mistakes. 4 Syntax (Shuffled Sentences) Syntax is an important aspect of English Grammar and encourages the students to think carefully about the relationship between Subject, Verb and Object relationships. 5 Missing Letters (x1, x3) Spelling 1: This week we cover 2 very important (and related) VR questions which relate to ACCURATE SPELLING. 6 Hidden Words & Compound Words Spelling 2: Both Hidden Words and Compound Words test the students' Vocabulary and ACCURATE SPELLING. 7 Alphabetization Spelling 3: This lesson is designed to put an end to silly mistakes in this area with a methodical approach and questions of increasing difficulty! 8 Anagrams Spelling 4: Anagrams are a common Puzzles Question in most 11+ VR Papers but also test ACCURATE SPELLING. 9 Sequences (Letters, Numbers, Symbols) Puzzles 1: cover the 3 main types! 10 END OF TERM ASSESSMENT The students will attempt a REAL 11+ VERBAL REASONING PAPER: they will compete against one another in a paper that tests all of the skills we have learned about this term!

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