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Summer 11+ creative writing 6 - John

Thursday. Phase 1. 1-to-3.

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Service Description

Phase 1: It is a 1-to-3 course. Phase 1. The main focus of the course is learning how to write fluently and effectively in English with varied sentence structure, ambitious vocabulary and a variety of figurative language. The course includes areas designed to build a student’s confidence, ways to improve their writing in terms of sentence structure, vocabulary and figurative language, and lots of hints and tips for how to boost their mark in an exam situation. We also factor in past papers from a variety of well-known independent schools to prepare the students for the range of exams that they may take. PHASE ONE – Description and Accuracy 1. Unlocking settings – the five senses (1) HOMEWORK: Thinking about the five senses we discussed in the session, please write two paragraphs describing a different kind of outdoor setting. 2. Introducing emotion to settings – emotional adjectives and synonyms HOMEWORK: Pick a new dark setting and please write two paragraphs which use a range of adjectives and imageries. 3.Sonic qualities of the written word – alliteration and onomatopoeia HOMEWORK: students will put together these new skills by adding pieces of alliteration and onomatopoeia to their previous homework tasks. 4. Figurative language – similes and metaphors HOMEWORK: Please list a simile and a metaphor to describe each of your family members. We will be sharing them next lesson! 5. Characters – using small details HOMEWORK: Students will write a paragraph of a character who might be seen in their dark setting, drawing together what we have learned so far. 6. Contrasting built and natural environments – personification HOMEWORK: Please write a brief, descriptive passage about walking through a huge city, then taking a train out of the city and into the country. 7. Writing accurately (1) – sentences and paragraphs HOMEWORK: Students will write a paragraph related to what they learn in the lesson 8. Writing accurately (2) – learning to proofread your own creative writing HOMEWORK: Students will then correct their own homework from the previous week to see if they can spot any run-on sentences. They will then be invited to add one complex sentence and one embedded sentence 9. Vivid writing – the five senses (2) HOMEWORK: Students will write a paragraph related to what they learn in the lesson 10. Putting it all together – planning and executing descriptive writing to time

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