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24SUM HOL 13+ Comprehension 2-Millie

Phase 3. 1-to-3.

  • Starts 15 Jul
  • 580 British pounds


Service Description

Phase 3: It is a 1-to-3 course. The main focus of the course is building comprehension skills, building understanding of English literature in various forms and learning how to answer a variety of different questions. It will focus primarily on reading and understanding a variety of literature, selecting ideas and information from the text and presenting it in a variety of forms The course includes areas designed to build a student’s confidence, ways to improve their comprehension skills in all areas and lots of hints and tips for how to boost their mark in an exam situation. We also factor in past papers from a variety of well-known independent schools to prepare the students for the range of exams that they may take. Students provide a Gmail account so they can use Google Doc. Students prepare a paper in advance each week: read the extract, read the questions and look up any new vocabulary and copy/paste it and the meanings to the Google Doc before the next class. **Students prepare ISEB 13+ (1) before the first session** Session 1: Quicker and shorter comprehensions – ISEB 13+ (1). Strategies and approaches. Discussion of choice of schools. HW: Reigate Grammar School 13+ Session 2: Synonyms and Meanings of Words. Focus on multiple meanings of words and variety of English language. HW: King’s College School 13+ 2017 Session 3: Speed and Accuracy. Focus on using appropriate amounts of time and detail on each question. HW: Sevenoaks School 13+ 2017 Session 4: Long and detailed questions. A focus on answering the longer and more complicated questions. HW: Winchester College 13+ 2018 Session 5: Analysing poems. An introduction to how to analyse a poem. HW: Trinity School 13+ Session 6: Using your own words. A focus on avoiding quotations and following instructions carefully. HW: St Albans School 13+ 2016 Session 7: Atmosphere and Mood. A focus on analysing how a writer creates atmosphere, mood and tone. HW: Sevenoaks School 13+ 2019 Session 8: Summary skills. A focus on summarising a text. HW: Charterhouse School 13+ 2004 Session 9: Responsive Writing. A focus on using the text to write a response. HW: Shrewsbury School 13+ 2013 Session 10: Selecting information. A focus on quickly responding to a variety of question styles. Final questions and feedback. HW: Revision

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