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24SUM HOL 11+Creative Writing 8-James

Phase 2. 1-to-3.

  • Started 22 Jul
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Service Description

Phase 2: It is a 1-to-3 course. Descriptive Writing Many school entrance exams will offer students the option of writing a piece of descriptive writing. As such, this phase will teach students how to differentiate descriptive and narrative writing, and how to create immersive and evocative descriptions. This phase will further develop the skills students worked on during the previous phase, and will encourage them to use ambitious vocabulary and literary techniques. We will continue to do vocabulary building sessions and look at a range of descriptive passages from classic texts. Homework will be set each week. Lesson 1: The Five Senses. Students will explore how sight, sound, smell, taste and feel can help create imaginative and immersive descriptions. Lesson 2: The power of figurative language. Students will use figurative language and imagery to create convincing and compelling descriptions. We will also explore ambitious adjectives and adverbs. Lesson 3: How to “hook” the reader. We will explore how to start descriptive writing pieces in an engaging and memorable way. Lesson 4: Zoom. We will explore the method of zooming in in order to craft interesting descriptive writing pieces. Lesson 5: Settings. How do we create unique and interesting settings? We will look at examples from great literature. We will also talk about how settings can affect tone and mood. Lesson 6: Characters. We will explore ways of bringing characters to life. Students will work with classic literary excerpts, and “design” vivid characters of their own. Lesson 7: Pathetic fallacy – how can weather add to our descriptive work? Lesson 8: Descriptive comparison piece. We will explore narratives where description is the main bulk of the writing. We will look at techniques such as flashback. Lesson 9: Describing images. The students will be given an image prompt, like they may encounter in entrance exams. They will describe the image prompt using their new skills and techniques. Lesson 10: Final assessment and feedback session.

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