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24SUM HOL 11+Creative Writing 5-Lorinda

Phase 2. 1-to-3.

  • Starts 23 Jul
  • 580 British pounds


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Phase 2: It is a 1-to-3 course. Creative Writing Phase 2 _ Focus on Descriptive work Many entrance exams feature an option to do a piece of primarily descriptive writing and this phase will have descriptive skills as its primary focus. Both phases dovetail together to provide the students with the skills needed to make a good decision in the exam room and to tackle the question with confidence. It is completely possible to do this phase first and you do not have to start with phase 1. We will continue to do vocabulary builders each week and read descriptive examples from great literature. There will be homework set and marked each week so that the students can see their own progress. There will be homework after each lesson. Lesson 1 Using figurative language and convincing imagery. Ambitious adjective and adverbs. Lesson 2 Different sorts of “hooks” to get started and grab the reader’s attention. Using fronted adjectives to get the reader’s interest going from the first sentence. Lesson 3 Planning and Using Descriptive Writing Structure – Zoom Method. Lesson 4 Planning and Using Descriptive Writing Structure – Time Method Lesson 5 Using your senses – sight, sounds, smell, taste and feel in descriptive work to create a vivid mental picture for the reader. Lesson 6 Describing settings and characters. Writing intensely about a small thing. Lesson 7 A look at past student’s work. What has worked brilliantly and what really doesn’t work at all. Avoiding cliché. Lesson 8 Using flashback as a way to introduce a descriptive comparison piece. This is a narrative where description is the main bulk of the writing Lesson 9 Pathetic fallacy – to use it well and not overuse it! Lesson 10 Final assessment and feedback session.

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