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24AUT GCSE Y9&Y10 Cr. Writing4-Graham

Phase 1. 1-to-3.

  • Starts 25 Sept
  • 580 British pounds


Service Description

Phase 1: GCSE Creative Writing 1 SOW: Graham Strugnell Summer 2024 The course will introduce students to questions and techniques from across the range of the major exam boards. I will provide tips and model answers when necessary to help students grasp correct methods that will bring good results at GCSE. The creative tasks include writing a description, writing a story, writing a letter, article, or speech; writing to persuade, explain, argue or advise. These constitute 50% of the overall mark for most exam boards. The course will address some of the reasons students do badly at GCSE. We will look at how to avoid the common errors and work towards creating work that has variety, clarity, accuracy and purpose, as well as creative freshness and originality. The following questions represent a cross-section of most of the major exam boards in the UK: .OCR: 'A moment that changed my life.' Write a post for an online forum on this subject: OR: write the words for a talk at a parents' evening giving your views on whether all students should study science subjects at school. Personal and persuasive writing. .OCR: 'Land, at last!' or 'Alone.' Write a story with one of these titles. How to create interesting stories by fully exploring a title. Story structures; three part structure and flashbacks. .Edexcel: 'Zoos protect endangered species from around the world.' 'No wild animal should be kept in captivity.' Write an article for a magazine expressing your views. Persuasive writing. .Edexcel: A magazine is publishing articles with the title: 'Friendship is one of the greatest gifts in life.' Write your article. Giving an opinion. .Edexcel: Picture prompt: I did not have time for this. How to respond to a picture question. .Welsh board: 'Most memorable journeys.' A website is running a competition to reward the best articles on the subject. Write an article for the competition about a memorable journey. Writing an article. .AQA: Picture: I tried to see what his reading. Picture: It was an unusual gift. Write a story. .CCEA: persuasive speech: 'Young people today are too worried about their body image.' Write a speech persuading your classmates to agree with your view. Structuring a persuasive speech. .'Are celebrities the best role models for teenagers?' Write a speech persuading your classmates to agree with your view. As above. .AQA: Picture questions: AQA resource and box planning. Good and bad writing. Variety of pictures for last writing task.

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