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24AUT 9+ Vocabulary 1 - James

Phase 1. 1-to-6.

  • Starts 23 Sept
  • 380 British pounds


Service Description

It is a 1-to-6 course. There are currently approximately one MILLION words in the English language but as humans we tend to only use two or three thousand on a regular basis. This course is designed both to improve a student’s vocabulary in a general sense but also to provide them with ambitious and intriguing new words that will enable them to stand out and impress in examination situations. Vocabulary will be studied in innovative and exciting ways and not just reading through long lists of words. Words will be grouped both by part of speech and by theme or topic, enabling students to broaden their general vocabulary and their topic-specific creative writing and other forms. The course will also encourage students to eradicate the more basic vocabulary from their everyday usage and replace it with words that will impress. Lesson 1: Common Words Thinking about commonly-used words To eradicate commonly-used words and improve vocabulary Lesson 2: Colours Considering commonly used colours To replace the basic colours with more ambitious and varied alternatives Lesson 3: Adjectives Building vocabulary with ambitious adjectives To replace basic adjectives with more ambitious and specifici synomyms Lesson 4: Adverbs Making sentences more interesting with suitable adverbs To build detail and depth in sentences with the addition of a variety of adverbs Lesson 5: Nouns Pondering ambitious and creative nouns To remove basic nouns from our writing and replace them with better synonyms Lesson 6: Verbs Imagining alternatives to commonly-used verbs To boost performance in writing with the addition of more diverse verbs Lesson 7: Dramatic Words Creating exciting and dramatic characters in writing To create exciting and dramatic characters in writing with vocabulary changes Lesson 8: House and Home Describing everyday items and routines in a normal setting To allow the students to describe their house and home effectively and ambitiously. Lesson 9: Exotic and Wild Things Writing about the jungle, space and the sea To enable the students to push their writing boundaries Lesson 10: Holiday Time Considering holidays and vacations as a common writing theme To be able to write descriptively about holidays and vacations

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