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24AUT 9+ Creative Writing 2 - Bridget

Phase 1. 1-to-3.

  • Starts 24 Sept
  • 580 British pounds


Service Description

Phase 1: It is a 1-to-3 class. Phase 1 The main focus of the course is learning how to write fluently and effectively in English with varied sentence structure, ambitious vocabulary and a variety of figurative language. Scheme of work: Lesson 1: Story structure 1: introduce the ‘Story Mountain’ (5-part story) Picture sequence as prompt for writing Grammar focus: Introduce dialogue – speech punctuation Coordinating conjunctions and time conjunctions Lesson 2: Story structure 2: recap story mountain Using an object as a prompt (Text: The Beasties by Jenny Nimmo) Grammar focus: Recap speech punctuation Starting sentences with conjunctions and adverbs Lesson 3: Story structure 3: 5 sentence stories Writing short stories using extended sentences. Grammar focus: Conjunctions to extend sentences Relative clauses (if appropriate to group) Lesson 4: Writing an extended story 1: Character Introduce theme – overcoming the monster Grammar focus: Use of ‘because’ to give reasons. Starting sentences with prepositions Lesson 5: Writing an extended story 2: Setting Taking a multisensory approach Grammar focus: Adjectives and similes – specific to different senses. Prepositions to guide the reader around the scene Lesson 6: Writing an extended story 3: Setting – zooming in Grammar focus: Adjectives, similes, and prepositions Recap dialogue – speech punctuation Lesson 7: Writing an extended story 4: The Problem Grammar focus: Adjectives and similes: different senses (Introduce metaphor) Conveying feelings through actions Lesson 8: Writing an extended story 5: The Problem Writing a chase sequence – look at examples Techniques for building tension and suspense Grammar focus: Powerful verbs and adverbs Use of deliberate repetition Onomatopoeia Lesson 9: Writing an extended story 6: Resolution (overcoming the problem) Writing action – fighting the monster Importance of planning an action sequence Grammar focus: Order of adjectives Powerful verbs Impact of short sentences Varying sentence length Lesson 10: Writing an extended story 7: The Ending Developing an interesting ending – introducing a ‘twist’ Review and Consolidate Finishing off Recap key learning Grammar Focus: Cohesive devices – referring back to the rest of the story to link everything together.

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