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24AUT 13+ Creative Writing 1 - Mark

Phase 1. 1-to-3.

  • Starts 28 Sept
  • 580 British pounds


Service Description

Phase 1: It is a 1-to-3 course. The main focus of each course is learning how to write fluently and effectively in English with varied sentence structure, ambitious vocabulary and a variety of figurative language. Our courses for the younger students will focus primarily on story telling and writing descriptions and gradually increase in challenge and range of tasks until the students are working on descriptive, narrative, persuasive, discursive and informative writing towards GCSE-level. Each course includes areas designed to build a student’s confidence, ways to improve their writing in terms of sentence structure, vocabulary and figurative language, and lots of hints and tips for how to boost their mark in an exam situation. We also factor in past papers from a variety of well-known independent schools to prepare the students for the range of exams that they may take. 1 Creating a Character: Who do you think you are? The focus here will be on a character they know well - themselves! 2 Creating a Character: Creating Characters This week builds on week 1 and looks at creating a new character 3 Creating a Character: Bringing Characters to life This week looks at methods writers use to give their characters individuality and credibility 4 Creating a Location: Descriptive skills and observation This week focuses on descriptive skills, starting with a series of visual images 5 Creating a Location: Fantasy or real? Here, we look at the differences between 'real' and fantasy settings for a story 6 Choosing a Voice: 1st or 3rd Person? We look at the pros and cons of each 'voice' 7 Creating Conflict: The Protagonist We identify the key features of a protagonist and think about the students' main characters in this light 8 Creating Conflict: The Antagonist Here, we contrast the antagonist with the protagonist and highlight their importance 9 Shaping a Story: Mapping a narrative This week looks at the importance of finding a suitable sequence to tell a story and looks at structures used by other writers 10 Imagery and Motifs: Creating striking imagery This week looks at the importance of creating strong imagery in a piece of creative writing

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