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English, Maths, & French Teacher


MA Hons Philosophy and Politics from the University of Edinburgh, 1:1

Esmée is an experienced tutor and facilitator, working primarily with KS2/KS3. She also works as a mentor, working holistically with young people, she has lots of experience working with neurodiverse students, in particular ADHD and ASD.

Skills: Esmée is great at confidence building, establishing a rapport with the student and making the sessions engaging and fun, finding the best ways to explain ideas and concepts so they make sense for the student and their learning style.

Teaching Style: Esmée is energetic, warm and fun, the sessions are always tailored to the student's needs and interests and challenges are faced by breaking them down into stages and working on understanding the components. Esmée encourages lots of analysis as to why we use particular methods and techniques, to encourage students to feel some ownership over their knowledge and skills. For Esmée, confidence is always key, and the aim is to build the student's confidence so they can fulfil their highest potential.

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